Julio Urias Expected to Be Reinstated, Activated on Tuesday

Milwaukee Brewers v Los Angeles Dodgers

UPDATE: Jeff Passan reports that the league was not able to get security video of the incident. Mall officials did not give up the video. The league could have extended the administrative leave but a grievance would have likely been filed.

As of now, the league’s investigation is still open. The Dodgers cannot place any discipline of their own or prevent Urias from returning to the active roster per the CBA rules.

After being placed on administrative leave, Julio Urias is expected to be reinstated and activated by the Los Angeles Dodgers, per Jorge Castillo.

Urias was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery last week and was held overnight and released on bail the following morning. He was placed on 7-day administrative leave by MLB as they investigated the arrest.

There have been no updates after TMZ reported that the video didn’t show malicious intent to hurt on Urias’ end, according to sources.

If the young left-hander is indeed activated, MLB and the Dodgers will likely release statements in order to clarify the situation. It’s also possible that Urias will release a statement or hold a press conference of his own.


Author: Vince Samperio

Vince Samperio is the creator of Chavez Ravine Fiends. He is currently the senior social media manager at Officialize and resides in San Diego. Vince was formerly a social media programmer at Bleacher Report, and the social media manager and associate editor of Dodgers Nation.

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